ITW 2015

ITW is Coming – Note to Attendees

Dear ITW Participants,

The conference is getting near! We hope you are as excited as we are.

Following is some useful information.


Please make sure to carry a document confirming that you are coming to the conference, such as the program with your name on it. It is also advisable to have a local contact number in case of any problems (we list a few below). As mentioned on the conference website, you can also obtain a letter from us, confirming that you are attending the workshop. The ride from the airport to the conference venue in Jerusalem usually takes under an hour. Please check the ITW website for information about collective/regular taxis.


The temperatures now are typical for an Israeli spring, warm days and cool nights. Jerusalem is about 5 degrees Centigrade colder than Tel Aviv (particularly at night), so bring a jacket! The forecast is about 20-25 Centigrade during the day and 10-14 Centigrade at night. Chance of rain is quite small.


On Sunday 6pm we will meet for registration, cocktails, good music and mingling at the ITW venue – Mishkenot Sha’ananim. Please check the ITW website for address and area map.

*Wednesday trip:

The trip, included in the registration fee, will take us to the lowest point on earth – the Dead sea. For the first part of the trip, we have two options. Upon checking in at the registration desk, you will be asked to pick your choice. Note that both of them involve potential bathing, so bring a swimming suite!

(A towel and hat will be provided. For extra protection against the desert sun – bring a sunscreen!)

Option 1 – easy hike. We will hike up David stream, a small oasis of fresh water at the bottom of a desert canyon. There is a nice waterfall, a pool that’s good for some swimming, and ibex and oryx sightings are common.

Option 2 – panoramas and sea. The bus will take us to viewpoints above the impressive cliffs of the Darga canyon. After that we will head to the Ein Gedi beach, where we will have the opportunity to swim/float in the salty seawater.

After we re-unite, we will take a cable car up to the ancient fortress of Masada, which boasts a palace built by King Herod as well as evidence of the Judean rebel against the Romans. After making our way down the Roman ramp (easy), we will conclude the day with a Bedouin dinner experience.

*Some contact numbers:

Rami Zamir – 052-8299959 (international +972-52-8299959)

Yossi Steinberg – 052-3724779 (international +972-52-3724779)

Yuval Kochman – 054-7893899 (international +972-54-7893899)

Reut from Innovision (production company) – 03-6447999 ext. 103 (international +972-3-6447999)

or email –

Looking forward to seeing you!

—The ITW organizing committee

Yuval x2, Anelia, Ofer, Haim, Sasha, Meir, Rami, Yossi and Jacob

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