ITW 2015

Spouse Program

For spouses coming to the conference, as well as for attendees staying before and after the conference, Jerusalem offers many touring options.

Organized tours and private tour guides

Many companies offer half or full-day tours. Some of them go outside Jerusalem, for example to nearby Bethlehem.

Some of these tours are listed in the official Jerusalem travel site

Bein Harim company offers discounts to ITW, automatically available (discount code: ITW-5#000017) when you enter using the following link

Yad Ben Zvi is an educational and research center, which also offers guides for tours listed here

Finally, you can find the reviews for many operator and guides in TripAdvisor.

Independent travel

For the more independent traveler, there are many options. The following fascinating archeological sites have guided tours in English. Some of them require prior reservation, please consult the websites linked below.

  1. City of David. This is the old nucleus of Jerusalem, situated to the south of the current “old city”. The visitors can observe new and exciting findings that date over three millennia back.
  2. The western wall tunnels. Here the visitor sees the foundations of King Herod’s huge construction project - the temple.
  3. The Herodian Quarter, and the nearby Burnt House feature excavations of luxury roman-period residences.
  4. Tower of David. This site, next to the Jaffa gate, has been the major citadel protecting the walled city for many centuries. The tour visits remains from many periods, as well as a display explaining the history of the city. The same site hosts a night spectacular, for which discounted tickets are offered on Monday night (after the conference afternoon tour).
  5. The Jerusalem archaeological park. Includes fascinating remains from different periods, including the stairs that led in ancient times to the temple.
For the more modern parts of the city, the visitor can hop on the tourist bus:
For many more options, see